See how retail clients leverage Thinaire's Platform to optimize their customer experience

Product Authentication & Post Purchase Revenue

Increase Revenue with post purchase revenue streams

Adidas integrated Thinaire-enabled NFC tags into their shoes for 2 reasons. Firstly, so customers have piece of mind that they have purchased an authentic shoe! Secondly, to provide customers a post purchase interaction experience. This allowed Adidas to send promotional content to user after the purcahse has been made!

Discover Advanced Automations

Understand Your Customers Like Never Before

Learn about your customers with over 120 data points collected per interaction!

Location Data

Pinpoint where your customers are interacting and provide in-depth wayfinding functionality

User Journey Tracking

See how effecive certain marketing campaigns are with user jounrey tracking. Where did your customers fall off along the journey


Get visibility as to where your customers are coming from. Find out if your current Marketing Campaigns are giving you the ROI you want

Product Authentication

Provide a digital proof of purchase for all new products sold.

Use Cases For Retail

See how retail clients and brands are using Thinaire's Platform in unique ways to provide personalized experiences to current and prospective customers.

Endless Aisles

Reduce overhead costs and footprint by creating an endless Aisle. Have one item per SKU in stores, allow customers to try on, but then have them order it from their phone!

Product Info

Provide customers with all the product info needed with a single scan of a QR code on a hang tag

Loyalty Rewards

Use a rewards program to incentivize customers to spend more in store with loyalty program exclusive offers with a QR code as the medium for sign up!