Learn how the largest automotive organizations are using the Thinaire Platform

Individualized Experiences

Context Rules and Location Awareness

Porsche wanted a solution that would allow customers to shop the car lot without needing the help of a sales associate. Thinaire-enabled NFC tags and QR codes were placed on the cars and when interacted with, customers would get unique experiences based on the car their were interacting with.

Learn How

Track your marketing campaigns like never before

Use location intellegent NFC tags and QR codes to build location aware experiences that lead to higher retention and better customer acquisition!

Customer Behavior

Connect multiple location aware QR codes in one campaign to understand customer journeys

Location Attribution

Accurately attribute any customer behavior and tie it back to where the engagement originated

Find Out How

Use Cases In Automotive

See how automotive customers and brands are using Thinaire's Platform in unique ways to provide personalized experiences to current and prospective customers.

Test Drives

Provide customers with single step test drive schedule directly from home

Expos & Auto Shows

Integrate Thinaire-enabled QR codes to auto brand marketing assets that provides guests and customers unique experiences based on location, scan occurence and more!

Service Center

Be proactive with customers after the car sale has been made. Use NFC tags and QR codes to provide customers with service center and maintenance reminders.