Meet Some of Our Customers

See how our customers use Thinaire's platform to connect to their customers in new ways.

Meet Our Customers!

Learn how our customers are leveraging Thinaire's automation platform to drive loyalty enrollment, reviews, revenue and more.

Jackson Hewitt

Loyalty Enrollment, Localization & Driving Google Reviews

With over 6000 locations nationwide, Jackson Hewitt needed a way to amplify their google reviews in order to attract new customers and new business. Jackson Hewitt used Thinaire-Enabled QR codes with location intelligence to give customers a "single interaction" ability. Let customers scan the QR code and they get sent directly to the correct Jackson Hewitt location to leave a review, cutting out unnecessary steps of the review process.

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Product Authentication, Digital Ownership & Engagement

Adidas worked with Thinaire to design embedded NFC chips in lace jewels that were threaded on thousands of pairs of adidas sneakers distributed globally and powered by Thinaire's platform for product authentication as well as digital ownership.  Thinaire gave Adidas customers the ability to register their ownership unlocking different sections and experiences in the Adidas application like runs, promotional pricing & more. 

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Youtopia Entertainment

Automated Experiential Venues

Candytopia is an experiential company that allows guest to take one-of-a -kind automated pictures of their experience. Candytopia uses Thinaire enabled QR codes to get guests signed up to their app, to automated the images taken and to send images to guests immediately. This solution increased customer visibility, drives revenue, and streamlines labor costs.

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Product Validation, Consumption Intelligence and More

TrueGreen combines proprietary RFID technology with Thinaire-enabled software to enable connected packaging use cases in the Cannabis industry. For the first time consumers can now track, down to the single product level, the origin of their purchase, it's chemical analysis and unlock valuable incentives for future engagement.

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Driving Greater Engagement & Impact At The Dealership  

Porsche is working with Thinaire to embed NFC tags and QR codes to all of the clings of Porsche vehicles on the car lot. The solution served multiple purposes: providing an automated unique experience to the customer giving access to vehicle information, ability to set up test drives, enroll in any promotional material and more.  Thinaire gave Porsche the ability to collect customer data on every interaction while, also allowing for use as a top funnel CRM lead generator. 

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