Manage automated customer experiences at enterprise scale.

Drive revenue and engage your customers in new ways through connected products, packaging, media and more.

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Contactless Technology

Contactless consumer transactions and engagement via NFC, QR, and other wireless tech can open a video-chat with sales associates, find out-of-stock items for later delivery, make in-aisle purchases, provide a means of post-purchase, post-delivery interaction, and more.

App Agnostic

No app required to initiate engagement, make special offers, share product information, value-added content, or enhance the consumer journey. Just tap or scan, and go.

Experience Focused

Test and find the right message, or personalize promotional, incentive and transactional workflows that matter to your customer.

Data Driven

Collect anonymized and opt-in data from consumer journeys enhanced by contactless engagement to inform merchandising, advertising, consumer relations/loyalty, and other vital business decisions.

Behavioral Context Matrix

Build unique customer journeys based on current and past customer behavior. Use customer's own actions to dictate what their next digital experience will be and boost conversion.

Location Aware

Analyze and learn from your customers.  See where they are, where they spend the most time, what products made are most engaging. Use location to prioritize what campaigns are driving engagement and collect powerful contextual data across your physical world.

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” Thinaire’s platform has the potential to unlock massive opportunity for new customer engagement. ”

- Richard Dickson – President & Chief Operating Officer, Mattel Inc.

“Thinaire is truly a game-changer. For our guests, Thinaire’s seamless technology means they can focus on fun without friction.”

- John Goodman, CEO

Candytopia leveraged Thinaire's technology to improve overall customer operational efficiencies

"Thinaire allows us to create campaigns that simplify and streamline the consumer’s shopping experience while incorporating an element of entertainment.”

- Maggie Rogers – Brand Director, Bertolli Olive Oil

Bertolli uses Thinaire-enabled QR codes to bring their retail products to life